al bruni\u002Docana  * UNDERGOING RENOVATIONS***

al bruni-ocana * UNDERGOING RENOVATIONS***

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Bruni-Ocana was born into a diplomatic family and traveled the world and was exposed to the wonders of global fine arts at an early age. A nephew of Dame Margot Fonteyn.
He is as an eager explorer of color and material coexisting in space and surface.
Always experimenting with a variety of media and is considered a "gifted colorist with a strong sense of composition and form".
He studied photography and painting at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Parsons.
His talent was recognized by the Herb Ritts Foundation as 2007ě°˝€™s 100 Top Artists. His work has been displayed internationally amongst the likes of Picasso and Warhol.


al bruni-ocana
new york - los angeles - miami






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